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Who is Flossy?

Flossy is like Superman to Clark Kent. Flossy is my athletic alter-ego. It’s a nickname that was–accidentally and through a slight misunderstanding–given to me by my triathlon coach during a training camp in 2008. I own it and some days I wish it came with a cape.

I am amateur athlete living in Chicago with my handsome boyfriend, JB. Both triathletes turned cyclists, we have a deep love for sport, healthy competition, and fun.

This blog is for athletes and food-as-fuel enthusiasts. The  focus is on whole foods and clean eating: lots of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, and some complex carbs. Okay, maybe some simple ones too. I embrace the “everything in moderation” rule, especially after an epic race or training day.

And because athletes are busy balancing work, life, and training, the recipes are easy to prep and simple to make.

I’m not a registered dietitian, and I really shouldn’t help you with your race nutrition plan, but I do think you’ll find some tasty food that will comfort, nourish, and leave you well recovered.





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