Good Stuff – July 2013


Ending the month of July with a list of hot topics in sport and food.

Sport Stuff:

The news of GU’s new Salted Caramel flavor was so distracting, it caused me to get on the wrong train–I mean, COME ON! Salted Caramel? But why, oh why, is it only a holiday flavor?

The new issue of Cyclocross Magazine is out and is a women’s specific feature. Can’t wait to get a copy. Can’t get enough CX? Follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Speaking of Cyclocross, I am stoked to have the opportunity to do this clinic in August. More cowbell!

This topic blew up all over the internets on the heels of the worlds largest cycling event.

Wether or not a women’s TdF will happen in 2014, women want to be heard and are organizing. I support it, but am concerned about the the strategy and the response. What do you think?

Food Stuff:

Whoa. Like…whoa. These are amazing! So beautiful and so simple.

I know. I’m totally late to the party, but what is up with Thug Kitchen? Why do so many people like this dood? Gimmick or here to stay? He’s got a cookbook coming out soon. If nothing else, the book tour will be BLEEPIN’ epic!

I hope Flossy’s Fuel is cool enough next year to get invited to go to this summer camp for Chicago foodies. Maybe I don’t need an invite–maybe I’ll just crash the party!

So many great recipes popping up on the internets! Make these and then let me know what you think: