Good Stuff: June 2013


Good Stuff: Post long-ride latte and pain au chocolat

Food Stuff:

I fell in love with the fringe food journal, Gather, recently. Excellent writing, art-y food photos, and inspired recipes.

In an earlier post this month, I pimped McClure’s pickles. You must try them! Search high and low, or request that your local grocer carry them. They. Are. Amazing!

I am obsessed with cutting boards these days as I try to build up my photo prop collection. To get my fix, I’m checking out the Food 52’s Pinterest board, Provisions.


Cutting boards at Crate and Barrel

Speaking of Food 52 and Provisions, their new online store is scheduled to open “soon”. Can’t wait!

Popsicles are so hot right now (oxymoron intended). I plan to make some next weekend when we have company in town. Which flavor should I make? I’m leaning toward Strawberry Greyhound or Blackberry Mint Julep.

If you’re ever in Chicago, eat here! Totally worth the venture to the north side.


Hopleaf, Chicago

Race Stuff:

I’m already putting in the base for cyclocross this fall. While I’m sad that the USGP Cup won’t be taking place any longer, it seems as some of the races in the series will still take place. See you at Sun Prairie!

Some friends had a lively discussion on Facebook recently about the lack of women’s cycling clothing that wasn’t pukey-pink. And I’m having a hard time finding commuter clothes that aren’t all black. Found: amazing looking casual cycling clothes that satisfy both needs/concerns.

What do you think of this new product? Would you wear it? These guys make a good case for it.

There’s a little bike race going on in France this weekend (and for the next three weeks). Wut?! Yup. It’s that time of year again. JB’s got his money on Chris Froome for the W. Who’s your pick?

What’s on your Good Stuff list for June?