Musette #1

Mussett Bag1

A couple of weeks ago JB and I went to Wisconsin to race the Trek CXC Cup. This UCI event did a great job of filling the gap left by the demise of the USGP, Sun Prairie. It was a fun weekend of racing (and yes, some podiums) on a really fun course! And that’s why there was no post last week. I stayed in the world’s most awesome vintage hotel, rode my bike, was beat down by a 16 year-old, and ate an entire serving of fried cheese curds. I think that’s a pretty good excuse.

So here’s a remedy for that. Check it–an awesome list of recipes that are workweek, busy-life, friendly from some of the best food-bloggers out there. I hope to make it a regular feature of the blog

Some of the recipes I have tried and some of them I hope to try in the near future. Either way, they can be an added resource to your musette, er, fuel needs.


  • This hearty stew would be perfect after hard day of rainy, muddy, chilly cyclocross racing. Hot shower, cold beer, and this stew–perfect end to an awesome day!
  • Add some protein (chickpeas, turkey, or chicken) and some brown rice to this power-food salad and you got yourself a power-packed meal!
  • THIS rainbow trout vegetable bowl is amazing and comes together so quickly! Don’t skip the fennel, even if you aren’t a fan (some people aren’t). It mellows as it cooks, leaving a very balanced flavor.
  • I have a girl-crush on pro-triathlete, Lindsey Corbin. She also makes a mean pumpkin curry! I have made this many times and it never disappoints.
  • The hardest thing about these burritos is cutting up all the veggies–not to fear, it only takes 5-ish minutes. I double the sweet potatoes and peppers and use an entire package of tortillas, then pour an entire bottle of salsa on top. Makes enough for two days worth of meals.



In other news, I guess I’m getting this cyclocross thing down as my category upgrade was approved and I’ve moved from Cat 4 to Cat 3. Probably won’t see any podiums for a while, but that’s cool. Any time you can just put your head down and ride, is always good.