Musette #2

Musette 2Three days racing in Iowa City, one weekend at home, and then another three days back in Iowa for Thanksgiving has given me very little time to take photos for the blog. And sometimes I take photos of the cooking process but the end result doesn’t always come out picture perfect. But we’re still eating! And eating pretty well. Here are some of my recent favorites for you to try.


  • Another comforting fall meal: Mushroom and Stout Pot Pies by one of my favorite bloggers, The First Mess. So much flavor in these little crocks. Tip: place thin slices of the sweet potato topping on a separate baking sheet to get them crispy before placing on the pot pie.


  • We had friends over for dinner a couple weeks ago and I made this tasty roast chicken. It was so good! Save this one for the weeks with high training volume because of all the yummy butter and bread.


  • This recipe for spaghetti squash is definitely one to add to the busy weeknight musette. It is so easy and so full of flavor! It might seem like a pain to roast the seeds, and really, pulling them from the flesh is a little tedious, but SO worth it. They really make the meal. I said it was easy, didn’t I? It is!


  • JB bought us a NutriBullet a couple weeks ago. At first I was skeptical. Was it really going to be more powerful than my Breville blender? Just as powerful as a Vitamix? It is! And we have been making all kinds of veggie smoothies for weeks. Here are three very tasty concoctions chock full of nutrients.


  • Lastly, another Thanksgiving-ish treat. These muffins are only kinda healthy due to the high sugar content. I made these for the best cyclocross mechanic in Chicago to thank him for all the work he has done on my rig. I may or may have not have sampled a few on my own. What? It’s better than eating a pumpkin donut!


Enjoy the holiday!