Musette #3

Musette #3

TGIF peeps! Here’s a quick list of things I’m excited about this week…

Turmeric – My training volume is still the same (low) but the intensity has gone to 11, which is leaving me with a serious case of DOMS. Instead of popping ibuprofen every couple of hours (which can suppress your immune system), I’m experimenting with turmeric. Yep, that pungent and bright yellow spice found in most curries is actually known for having amazing anti-inflammatory qualities. I sprinkle it in my spinach-scrambled eggs in the morning and recently whipped up a batch of turmeric elixir to keep on hand for the DOMS days.


Seafood – Bicycling magazine posted a recent article on 10 Tips for Safe and Healthy Seafood. The article, promoting a new book by Andy Sharpless, CEO of marine conservation organization Oceana, The Perfect Protein, is worth a read. In it, I found some surprising (to me) info on organic labeling and fish oil supplements, and reinforcing the benefits of Omega3s. Impressed with the information on small fish including anchovies and sardines. I’m going to give these recipes a go soon.


Osmo – Just because we know what’s good for us doesn’t mean we always do it, right? And I can remember several occasions last season when my super-strong, super-amazing teammate Erica chided me for not having a recovery drink/snack prepared immediately following a race. I know, I KNOW! But for some reason, I wasn’t following through on my own advice.

I’d like to think I’m doing much better on this front, these days. It helps when you find a product you love and believe in. Enter Osmo Acute Recovery for Women. Clever marketing aside (#womenarenotsmallmen),  the basis for creating a recovery product specifically for women makes sense when you consider how much our hormones play a role in our athletic ability and more importantly, recovery.

Mixed with rice milk for the optimal 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, the Vanilla Chai flavor is smooth and creamy with a hint of spice (I find that it tastes even better when the rice milk is ice cold). Another variation: add a banana, some cacao nibs, and some coffee to the recommended serving and blend!

Don’t worry men. Osmo has products for you too! I’ve recently introduced them to JB and he swears he has seen a difference in his recovery in the short amount of time he’s been using it.


Racing: There is so much great racing going on this weekend, it’s going to be really hard for JB and I to stay focused cleaning and packing (FOUR days until we move!!). Chances are we will be glued to our computers or checking twitter updates for these exciting events:

Trofeo Binda 


Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

Ironman Los Cabos

San Dimas Stage Race

Red Hook Criterium

Gasparilla Criterium


Women’s Cycling: Show your support for women’s cycling and look fast doing it. The last day to order the amazing, one-of-a-kind, sure-to-be-a-collectors-item, Women’s Cycling Association kit is Monday, March 31st. I’ll be placing my order on Monday, pay-day.


Cyclocross: Last year was my first real attempt at racing cyclocross and there was definitely a (steep) learning curve. But I’ve fallen madly in love with the sport (and I’m stubborn) and have committed to making it a priority this year. Motivation to stay focused on a season that is six months away is hard when everyone around me is giddy about racing road. That’s why I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of Cyclephotos 2013 – 2014 yearbook. Filled with all the muddy, gritty, and red-line inducing images that make this cx so magical, it’s sure to keep me motivated and focused on MY goals for 2014. Place your pre-order now.