Prep Work


I must have balance. Work/life balance, yes. That one I am pretty good at–setting boundaries and finding time either at the beginning of the day, or after work, to do my workouts. The training/life balance thing is trickier for me. I remember when I was training for 70.3s and doing all that laundry! It seems like I could never keep up! And then there was the cooking and the cleaning and paying bills and trying to be a good friend using what little time I have over my lunch break to buy a touching and clever birthday gift with the perfect, yet slightly ironic, wrapping paper at the fancy stationary store!!




I stil have those meltdowns from time to time if the stress scales tip too far either way. So I’ve started making it a priority to do some prep work in the kitchen, especially if I see a particuarly big training week ahead. Weeknight training can mean getting home from a ride at 8:45 pm. Recovery drink, shower, and stretch/roll (not always in that order) and it’s 9:30 before I even start to make dinner. I’m exhausted. I don’t want to think. I just want to eat.

And while I’m not above eating rotisserie chicken dipped in questionably old bbq sauce and nothing else for dinner, I know better and I do feel guilty about it.







Enter “prep work Sundays”. Or Monday nights. Either way, it’s some work on the front end that will help me make sure I’m eating well through the week, even post hard and late evening workouts. This is really helpful too, when I have a big training day on Sunday and I don’t have time to menu plan. I just grab a bunch of different staples and chop them all up knowing I can whip something up in a flash.

Most weeks our produce staples include:




Lots of fruit! Diced mango makes for a great dessert but is also great in oatmeal with some shredded coconut, chia seeds, and honey. Of course, we buy lots of bananas, apples and oranges which are easily tossed in a lunch bag.




I actually don’t care for zucchini on it’s own, but diced up and sautéed with onion and mixed into our morning eggs, it is delicious! I save larger slices for stir fry. JB loves mushrooms so they also go in our eggs, as does kale or spinach or both.

As a single lady, I used to live on steamed broccoli with lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and shredded parmesan. My other favorite, super easy side is green beans sauteed in some olive oil and then tossed with a tablespoon (per cup of beans) of stone ground mustard.

And sweet potatoes! Normally these take a while to cook, but dice them up, toss them with coconut oil (or olive), salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder, bake at 425 (toss and turn once), and they’re done in 15 minutes.




Look how organized! You should see the ‘fridge. Being type-A, this makes me so happy! So many possibilities. And so much time, and sanity, saved.