Good Stuff: May 2013

Monday was Memorial Day, and JB and I took full advantage of the day off. We skipped our recovery spin and opted instead of for endless cups of coffee, bacon, eggs, and live streaming of the women’s Volkswagen USA Cycling Pro Road Race Nationals. Other than the jankey web feed, the race was awesome.

Jade Wilcoxson wins

Photo: Optum Pro Cycling

Really looking forward to this race, even if the only action I’ll see is from the sidelines. That’s okay, I’ll get mine next weekend.

For more lady racing, this video by Rapha brings the beauty back to sport. Maybe next year? The views are breath taking!

But back to food, because this is a food blog…

Explore this slideshow by amaze-balls sport photographers, BrakeThrough Media, of Italian street food of the Giro.

Giro Street Food

Photo: BrakeThrough Media

Pro triathlete, Linsey Corbin, is taking subscriptions to her monthly newsletter, which includes some great recipes-and even better photos of her training in beautiful Montana.

Like beer and bikes? I know many people who do. Buy this shirt and let everyone know how much.

While Poketo’s picnic bike basket looks a little on the small side (I like to eat), the quick release is genius! And the price is pretty reasonable too.


And lastly, like I need another group or project to take up the free time I don’t have, I really want to join on of these. If anyone in the Chicago area wants to start one, let me know.

Train or race hard, and have a great weekend!